Sunday, 9 March 2014

Blog Renovation

Clearly I've not posted on this blog in a while, and yes I was considering deleting it and creating a new blog but why? Might as well just renovate this one! So far this blogs been a bit of everything with Nail painting ideas, pop culture news and TV programme related blabber.  However, that's going to change. I'm going to begin posting again but this time the posts will have more focus. App recommendations, fashion and beauty money saving tips, how-to's, craft ideas,  present ideas and much more so follow to remain in the loop!
Of course, this change won't happen the second I press the publish button on this post, in fact I'll start by modifying and renovating the blogs layout and appearance but, what I will advise you to do over the next few weeks, is WATCH THIS SPACE!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Murray Wins Wimbledon

Andy Murray has, at last and after many attempts, won Wimbledon. He beat 
Novak Djokovic in the final this afternoon. The game was short with Murray winning with 3 sets to 0. To see the magical moment Murray won click HERE and watch the clip on the BBC website. The link also includes comments from Murray himself and a brief overview of the match.

Return of the BOOSH

Ooosh!! The Mighty Boosh is back! Well, sort of.
Last Thursday night the duo (Noel Fielding and Julian Barrat) reunited as a part of Beck's Song Reader show. The Boosh performed a song called 'We All Wear Cloaks', a song which I'm sure you'll agree if very them.
Incase, like me, you didn't manage to attend the event here is a clip of the Boosh's performance:

To view pictures of the night click HERE and you'll be whizzed away to a Flickr album. For more information about the night then click HERE.

As well as that appearance the Boosh are also appearing at a comedy festival in LA. The Festival Supreme is hosted by Jack Black and takes place on Saturday 19th October. To see who else has been booked to perform and to go directly to the Festival Supreme website click HERE.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Robots In Disguise

A few weeks ago I was 'surfing the net' (gosh that phrase makes my cringe but I don't know how else to phrase it so I apologize for using it) and I came across a band that consists of two women; Sue Denim and Dee Plume. Their band is/was called Robots In Disguise. I say 'is/was' because I'm not 100% sure that theyre still together. Their music is different to anything I've ever really heard before and, according to wikipedia, which we all know is not the most reliable of sources, their music genre was electropunk. Well, whatever their genre was their music is amazing. Not that big a band Robots In Disguise have had 4 albums; Happiness V Sadness (2011); We're In The Music Biz (2007); Get Rid! (2006); Robots In Disguise (2001). Sue and Dee formed Robots In Disguise whilst they were at the University of Liverpool together.

My personal favourite of their songs is 'The Tears', take a look at the music video below:

Their latest album, Happiness V Sadness, was only able to be made because of their fans, who donated money to the band so that they could finish the album. Barry M cosmetics helped with their single 'Wake Up'  and paid for the music video/Barry M advert to be made. The video features Robot Blue lipstick, which was promoted through the video. 

The music video for 'Wake Up':

Aside from the band Sue is a model for Tatty Devine. Sue's relationship with Tatty Devine lead to the firm designing and making jewelry inspired by the band which was used for RiD's (Robots In Disguise) tour merchandise. 

Another one of my favorites, 'Can't Stop Getting Wasted'. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a music video for this song so you'll just have to listen:

Both Sue and Dee appeared as a variety of characters in a number of episodes of The Mighty Boosh. Dee's relationship with Noel Fielding (who was one of the creators of the show) was key to their appearances.

Can't find a music video for this one either, but it's called 'Chains':

In the RED in SUMMER

Scrolling through my list of posts on this blog I came across a draft called 'OOTD' and all that was on the post was this picture of a summery-red outfit:

In this picture I've got a plain black vest top on, a red three-quarter sleeve fitted jacket, a large and simple red necklace, a chunky red belt and a flowery floaty skirt from Next. I'm not too sure where I got most of these items from but I was bored one day and so I just randomly put them together! The colour theme of this outfit is clearly red but you could create a similar outfit using a different colour, for example purple. The only 'colours' (They're not colours, they're tones) I wouldn't try this with are black and white as I can't see it working. Of course, depending on the colour theme you decide to use a white vest top may work better instead of a black one. Oh, and the reason the main colour of this outfit is red is because I built it up around the skirt, and the key colour in the skirt is red. The black in the skirt is what makes the black vest top work.

I think I must've forgotten to post it or intended on coming back to it to finish it off or something. Basically a while ago I was considering beginning to post pictures of some of my outfits in the hope that they may help some of you to create more outfits. I'm planning on actually starting doing this soon and so I guess that this can be the first post of that sort.